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Romania Travel Guide:

Facts About Romania - The Country You Will Visit Again
Romanian Women And Their Culture
The Best Of Romanian Cuisine - Food For The Soul

Facts About Romania - The Country You Will Visit Again   by John Doyle

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People in most parts of the world seem to know very little about Romania these days. Either they have no idea about its location on the atlas, or they have heard something about terrible happenings in the country. The mention of the name of the country could be greeted with questions about the execution of Ceausescu, the gypsy problem, etc. Some might go as far as to suggest that Romania is still languishing in medieval times.
It is not that there is no element of truth in these words. However, it is only a very small part of an old picture. There are many positive things about the Romania of today that will totally transform your negative opinion of the country. First, Romania is a country of immense natural beauty in South Eastern Europe, and the variety of geographical features it offers is simply amazing.

The beauty of Romania is evident from the towering arc of the Carpathian Mountains in the North West to the serene Black Sea coast and the mouth of the Danube in the East. Romania has everything from the sunny hills and undulating vineyards of Moldavia to the great fertile plains of Walachia, drained by gurgling streams and rivers with clear water. It is a land of natural beauty and diversity that can truly leave a foreign visitor spellbound.

Atheneum Concert Hall, Bucharest, Romania
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To continue, the Black Sea invites the tourists by its series of modern resorts where the latest architecture highlights the landscape. In addition, this harmony between nature and architecture can be found in the big cities too. As far as the population is concerned Romania has about 22,303,522 inhabitants.

The capital city of Romania is Bucharest, which has its own attractions. Iasi is another interesting city, as are Brasov and Sibiu, the last being the cultural capital. Another thing that is interesting about Romania is that almost every district of the country has something special and unique to offer.

Oltenia in the south is famed for the exquisite quality of its carpets and embroidery. Maramures is renowned for its wooden sculptures. Bucovina is a land of quaint traditions from the past. And if you are interested in history, Dobrogea is where you will find the ancient ruins.
Triumphal Arch at Dusk, Bucharest, Romania
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The great region of Transylvania has an air of mystery about it. This is due to the legend of Dracula, the mythical vampire king. The legend has its origin in the rule of Vlad the Impaler, who ruled from 1456 to 1462. This merciless ruler became a terror to his people because of the horrible method of punishment that he dealt out to disobedient subjects. He put to death anyone who seemed disloyal to him by impaling them.

As this punishment is extremely cruel, and bloody as well, people used to say that a human cannot do that and that is why they attributed this habit to a creature coming from hell. This idea, associated with the idea of blood led to the birth of a vampire. If you visit Bran castle, in the county of Brasov, you will have many thrilling surprises.

Now it is not just the evil from the past that you will find in Romania, but the holy as well. Romania is famous for its monasteries, especially in Northern Moldavia. The secluded monasteries will give you a taste of the peace of mind that is so rare in the fast life today. The peace and quiet of these monasteries will fill your mind with sacred joy and rid you of your sorrows and cares. Take some holy water and pray there, or just enjoy the serene and beautiful landscape.

That was a very brief outline of the treasures you can find in the beautiful country that is Romania. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, you can visit the country for a fantastic experience.

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The Best Of Romanian Cuisine - Food For The Soul   by Peter Finch
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The people of Romania really know how to enjoy food. You will find the Romanians stacking their tables with all sorts of delicious food, especially on certain special occasions which call for a feast. Nowadays talking about good food habits is the "in thing". Nutritionists and doctors are writing articles and columns in almost all the magazines and newspapers about the benefits of eating healthy food, like raw and seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh from the garden. It means that we should not indulge ourselves in junk food, at least not very often.
The Romanians are well aware of the health food craze, but they have not fully discarded their traditional cooking habits. Each province of Romania has its own unique cooking style.

For example, take the cuisine of Transylvania. They make a particular Sunday meal according to their tradition, which consists of a chicken noodle soup. This soup is not an everyday kind of soup either. It has to be prepared at home and, moreover, the chicken has to be raised in their own home poultry. This soup is so special that you can find it in any Romanian cookbook or list of recipes.

Several items of Romanian cuisine, which are considered as traditional as the famous noodle soup, are actually borrowed from the cuisine of other cultures. For instance, they usually have a special dish of schnitzel, an Austrian item, along with fried potatoes every Sunday after returning from the church. Like many other people in the world, the Romanians have a long established tradition of going to church on Sundays. And having schnitzel with the finest quality wine and palinca (a strong drink made from grapes or prunes) is almost like a ritual which they are practicing till date.

Field Mushrooms for Sale by Roadside Near Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania,
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Preparing sweet dishes is also a very complicated and time consuming event in Romania. Many varieties of pies and cookies are made usually by the women. Vanilla, nuts and cream are also used extensively in the process of making pies and cookies. Baking for these sweet dishes are done usually in a wood stove and a traditional clay oven is used for baking bread.
Decorated Eggs for Sale Outside Humor Monastery, Humor Monastery, Suceava, Romania,
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Romanians usually make their bread at home with traditional ingredients like Wheat flour and potatoes. Adding synthetic flavor is a strict no-no. This home made bread is still one of the all time favourites of the Romanian cuisine, which maintains its taste with a crisp outside layer and spongy inside.

From the long list of the mouthwatering Romanian recipes, it is perfectly understandable why they are famous in the world, be it a recipe of their own or one influenced by other cultures.

In this era of beautifully packaged food around the world, people tend to buy food, which has a more appealing package. Mostly these people are from the younger generation, and have never got an opportunity to taste something fresh from their own home garden or a chicken raised in their own home poultry.

Though Romanians try to be traditional in their food habits, nowadays a fair number of people are opting for dining out often or having packaged food at home. This is mostly because they have no time or energy left to cook after having to cope with their hectic timetables.

But the superb conventional culinary delicacies of the Romanian people should be tried by everybody, because they are in a class of their own. Once you have tried them, it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with these delicious goodies, for example the scrumptious "sarmale" or cabbage rolls, or the "ciobra" (broth) or the soups.

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Romanian Women And Their Culture   by Peter Finch
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Modern Romanian women are culturally quite accomplished. Their attitude towards acquiring knowledge and keeping in touch with events taking place around the world is exemplary. They make diligent students, and are determined to find their place in the world. They make their country proud, no doubt about it.
Compared to most other countries in the world, Romanian women score very high in terms of their intellect. And this opens a lot of doors for them. The Romanian economy is going through an important phase at the moment. Its fledgling market economy is experiencing unprecedented growth in the new democratic setting. There are fantastic opportunities knocking at the doors of its citizens, and with their unquestionable capability, Romanian women stand to benefit greatly in the new scheme of things. Western Europe is coming round to the view that there is no dearth of talent among the Romanian people, and the beauty coupled with intelligence that the Romanian women possess will surely bring them to the forefront outside the country as well.

How cultured a Romanian woman is depends on her personality and her attitude. She does not want to stagnate in the boredom of daily life, but is always trying out new things, learning about new ideas and acquiring new information to augment her knowledge.

The cultural or educational accomplishments of a woman do not imply she will be any less sensuous or desirable. Women have such diverse personalities, and men still find them appealing. Women can be materially or spiritually minded, can be serious or frivolous, and yes, can be blondes or brunettes.

University Square and Ic Bratianu Blvd, Bucharest, Romania
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There are no definite archetypes of women, who attract men, whatever myths might be prevalent at any time. The fact remains that men find it exciting and challenging to unravel the mysteries of a feminine mind.

Now in Romania, women with ample education and cultural finesse can be found across the length and breadth of the country. Such women might not be elegance personified, but are not vain either. They display neither hauteur nor a delicate persona, are not overly passionate, not liable to take risks in order to live a dangerous and thrilling life. They will not keep an inane smile pasted on their faces forever. They are real women, sensible and serene. They may not always set male hearts on fire or turn out to be electrifying company.
Medieval Old Town, Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania
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Such a woman is not hurtful and will never harm another person in her life. She has a deep faith in religion and is likely to treat a mistake, however insignificant, as a sin. In essence, she is one of countless ordinary women in Romania, but that is not her only description. She can be well versed in matters of culture. She is an avid reader of good literature, appreciates abstract modern painting and sculpture and is well acquainted with classical music. The conservatism in her personal life cannot obscure her achievements in the cultural or educational spheres.

That is the general picture of cultured and intelligent women of Romania. However, that image probably is more fitting for the women over thirty. The younger breed of Romanian women is more extroverted in their behaviour and more eager to please. 

They are firmly of the opinion that in order to enter into a meaningful relationship and to make it last long, they should evolve and reinvent themselves on and on. They are more conscious of their appearance and more careful about how they dress. They also try their best to be charming and witty, so that men find their company enjoyable.

In essence, a young woman of Romania is at once intelligent and charming. On the one hand, she puts herself at ease in any situation and her radiant beauty makes her stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, she can be an affectionate partner who stays in love with you.


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BUCHAREST (Bucuresti), with a population of over two million, may be the largest city between Berlin and Athens, but it's by no means the most beautiful. At first sight the city is a chaotic jumble of traffic-choked streets, ugly concrete apartment blocks and grandiose but unfinished Communist developments. Lying 64km from the Danube, Romania's southern border, but 600km from its northern frontier, it's also far removed from the country's more obvious attractions. And yet, it's Romania's centre of government and commerce and site of its main airport, so most visitors to the country will find themselves passing through Bucharest at some point.
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Not just guests, but friends. Privacy, luxury and avant-garde in the center of an European Capital. Boutique hotel is a word that embraces a new world of meanings. It means a new way to look at hospitality: friendly welcome and perfectly customized services, just what we stand for at Le Boutique Hotel Moxa.  Built in glass and steel, while at the same time preserving its classical appearance, Le Boutique Hotel Moxa is situated on Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei), the main promenade avenue in 19th century in Bucharest. Surrounded by stylish buildings from the 1800 and 1900, the hotel has the rooms displayed in such a way to ensure no noise from the main avenue interferes with the cozy and unique atmosphere.
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