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The Paradores of Extremadura:
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The Paradores of Extremadura, Spain
Badajoz - Mérida
Exterior Views Parador de Mérida, Badajoz, Merida
The Parador conserves the structure of the former 18th c. convent, installed on the remains of a temple dedicated to the Concordia de Augusto, and offers the guest the opportunity to experience the rich heritage of the beautiful town of Mérida and surrounding natural areas.  Some of the most noteworthy spaces are the living room, the inner patio and the beautiful gardens where the 'Jardín de Antiguedades' (Garden of Antiquities) is located.  The garden is an archeological ensemble made up of Roman, Mudejar and Visigothic elements. The numerous gastronomic suggestions offered by the restaurant include 'criadillas de la Tierra' (truffles), 'caldereta extremeña' (stew), the assortment of 'gazpachos' (cold soup), and Almoharín figs.
Badajoz - Zafra
Exterior Views Parador de Zafra, Zafra, Badajoz
The Parador de Zafra rises up in a majestic castle, on which construction was started in 1437 as the residence of the noble Spanish Dukes of Feria. The value of this castle-palace is expressed through a spectacular façade in an ideal setting to discover the monumental surroundings and the natural landscapes of the area. Nine battlemented towers jealously guard a regal, grandiose interior, which conserves beautiful coffered ceilings, large chests, ironwork, handrails and other decorative details belonging to the former palace. Its bedrooms, which had Hernán Cortés as a guest, are stately, elegant and spacious. The swimming pool and the perfectly tended garden also stand out. The best dishes of the region can be found in the dining room, such as lamb stew, 'migas extremeñas' (fried breadcrumbs) and 'solomillo ibérico al queso de los Ibores' (Iberian sirloin with Ibores cheese).
Exterior Views Parador de Cáceres, Cáceres
The former Torreorgaz Palace, built on Arabic foundations, has a door with a lintel and a Baroque coat of arms, is located in the heart of the historical and artistic quarter of Cáceres, a town declared a World Heritage Site. Founded by Diego García de Ulloa, knight of the Order of Santiago, the Parador, a 14th c. construction, is presided over by its slender tower. The styles personalized in the building and its monumental surroundings, are Gothic, Renaissance and baroque. The inner courtyard and cobblestone, frames, beams covered with wood and the original mantelpiece in the living room make up the interior decoration. In this context the soft cream shades of the bedrooms are defined by good taste, spaciousness and comfort. Iberian sirloin steak with Casar cheese and roast kid with rosemary are representative of the varied cuisine of Extremadura. The hotel also has a wine-cellar featuring more than 300 varieties of Spanish wine. 
Cáceres - Guadalupe
Parador de Guadalupe - Caceres Province
The Parador, built in convent style, rises up on what was the former Hospital of St. John the Baptist, a historical 15th c. building. It is a comfortable, friendly space, with whitewashed arches adorned with vegetation, an invitation to peace and quiet in the setting of a beautiful town declared a Historical and Artistic Monument. The garden stands out with its luxuriant plants and flowers, its secluded swimming pool, spacious common rooms on the inside with white walls, and bedrooms which recall the religious function of its origins. The simple but delicious local cooking can be seen in representative dishes: 'bacalao monacal' (cod, potatoes and spinach), 'ajo blanco extremeño' (garlic dish), 'migas extremeñas' (fried breadcrumbs), 'pollo a lo padre Pedro' (chicken dish), Iberian sausages, 'caldereta de cordero' (lamb stew), chestnut pudding and 'muégado de Guadalupe' (a fried sweet).
Cáceres - Jarandilla de la Vera
Exterior Views Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera - Caceres Province
In the middle of the orchard of La Vera and El Tiétar and set among ravines, natural pools, chestnut and oak forrests this castle-palace finds its shelter. Its surroundings feature natural scenery of rare beauty which enhance the richness of this historical and monumental setting which, for several months, was home to an illustrious guest: Emperor Charles V. The most outstanding exterior features include the turrets, the parade ground and the excellent swimming-pool, with olive and orange trees. Inside, we find halls with fireplaces, and the recently redecorated rooms which provide an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. In the restaurant, 'migas extremeñas' (fried breadcrumbs), potato soup, partridge stew, lamb loin in honey and La Vera fig compote are some of the dishes which stand out among the varied fare to be found in Extremadura cuisine.
Extremadura - Trujillo
Exterior Views Parador de Trujillo, Trujillo
This beautiful Parador is located in the monumental town of Trujillo, the birthplace of discoverers, in the former Santa Clara monastery, conserving the atmosphere of peace and quiet offered by its conventual structure. Two beautiful cloisters stand out inside, one Renaissance with arches and columns, the other offering the site a note of luminosity which embellishes the surroundings. Ideal for rest, leisure and work, the Parador has monastic style common rooms and details, spacious, quiet and pleasant living rooms, noble bedrooms in which wood takes precedence and a bar located in the space which the refectory formerly occupied. The dishes served in the dining room are very tempting, the most outstanding being the tomato and cumin soup, the eggs scrambled with local products, The Parador's menu offers truly delicious dishes: tomato soup with cumin, scrambled eggs with truffles, lamb chops "Corregidor" style, and, above all, our cold cuts and Iberian ham. Do not forget to try our homemade cheese ice cream.

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