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The Paradores of Andalucía, Spain
Almería - Mojácar
Exterior Views Parador of Mojácar, Mojácar, Almería
This Parador is on the beaches of Mojácar, benefitting from the best microclimate of Spain and with beautiful views over the blue Mediterranean. It is an ideal location to enjoy quiet beaches or to play numerous outdoor sports. The stay is completed with a refreshing dip in the pool, or with a working session in its magnificent conference centre, whose rooms are fully equipped.  The bright bedrooms, with terraces over the sea, bewitch the guest with the beauty of the surroundings. The restaurant offers the best rice and fish dishes from Almería cuisine: 'arroz a la Garruchera' (rice dish), 'gambones de Garrucha' (prawns), 'amarillo de pescado en cuajadera' (fish), and, for dessert, 'pastel de Vera' (cake) and 'crema mojaquera' (cream)...
Parador of Cádiz, Cádiz
Modern tourist complex next to the Genovés park and by the sea, the Parador has impressive views of the sea and the Bay of Cádiz. Located in a residential area surrounded by palm trees, it has exclusive access to a small beach. It is also a good starting point to discover the entire province (White Villages Route, Toro Route, Wine Route, etc.), plus the small villages of the coast of Cádiz. The spacious, bright bedrooms, carefully decorated, have panoramic views, an invitation for peace and relaxation. Boat trips or excursions within the area are some of the activities that can be done outside of the Parador. Inside, options include a variety of games and live piano, sax and base music, among others.  The salones, or function rooms, at the Parador are perfect for meetings and congresses, work-related events or to celebrate any occasion. They have a capacity of 800 persons.   The restaurant offers such delicious dishes as Cadiz-style assorted fried fish, Rota-style urta (local fish), gilthead sea bream, high quality meats and the famous Cádiz turrón, a type of nougat. 
Cádiz - Arcos de la Frontera
Parador de Arcos de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz
Located on the banks of the Guadalete, this Parador, formerly the Casa del Corregidor, has an impressive panoramic view of the fertile plain of the river and of the old part of Arcos de la Frontera. It is an ideal starting point to begin the so-called Wine and White Villages Routes, especially Jerez de la Frontera and the fighting bull ranches.  The bedrooms with balconies offer magnificent views of Arcos, and inside the typical Andalusian courtyard is joined by traditional decorative elements such as latticework and ceramic tiles.   Wooden beams, rugs and round arches complete the decoration of the Parador.  Don't miss out on the traditional cuisine of the region featured in our offer: 'The Cádiz Sierra, Dish by Dish'. We can suggest such tasty options as Rota-style urta (a local fish), oxtail, or the appetizing tasting menu offered by the Parador - the 'Cádiz Menu', with 12 delicious dishes to sample.
Parador of Córdoba, Córdoba
Located on the ruins of the small summer palace of Abderramán I, a hill surrounded by vegetation at the foot of the Cordoba mountain range, the Parador offers an exceptional panoramic view of the legendary city of the caliphs. The building brims with freshness, as it enjoys a temperature 4ºC lower than in the city.  That feeling of well-being is enhanced by the swimming pool and the surrounding grounds (featuring a new garden known as 'Los Naranjos' ('The Orange Trees'), where the first palm trees planted in Europe maybe found.  The inner rooms are elegant and very bright, with large living rooms and spacious bedrooms.  The dining room offers 'salmorejo cordobés' (cold vegetable soup), 'gazpacho blanco de almendras' (cold almond soup) and steak in green sauce. 
Granada - Alhambra
Parador of Granada, Alhambra, Granada
Spending a night in the gardens of the Alhambra, among fountains, trees and large arched windows is the exclusive opportunity offered by this Parador, a former convent built by decision of the Catholic Monarchs. This monumental ensemble proposes placid walks around the city for the guest, although the building itself invites you to discover a dreamlike interior, where Arabic and Christian styles mix.  Its bedrooms offer exceptional views of the Generalife, the Secano gardens and the Albaicín, while the classical furniture and numerous portraits mark the decoration of the interior rooms. Under the coffered ceiling of the dining room and the freshness of the summer terrace 'gazpacho andaluz' (cold tomato soup), 'tortilla de Sacromonte' (omelet) and 'piononos de Santa Fe' (typical sponge caked soaked in liqueur) are offered. 
Huelva - Ayamonte
Parador of Ayamonte, Ayamonte, Huelva
The dazzling Huelva sun lights up the blue course of the Guadiana, until it flows out into the waters of the Atlantic. A peaceful refuge in the high quarters of the town, featuring panoramic views, the Parador is a quiet spot ideal for rest. The halls and rooms are fitted with modern facilities which are lit up by the Ayamonte sun and the simple shades of the decor, producing a feeling of calm.  You should try the fishes, the seafood, and the varied sausages which this region offers to you. Shrimps and prawns from this area of Spain are of a worldwide acknowledged quality. Enjoy such dishes as rayfish with red pepper, anglerfish, peas with 'chocos' stew, or 'coca ayamontina' (stuffed pie)... not to talk about the exquisite Huelva cured ham.
Huelva - Mazagón
Parador of Mazagón  - Huelva Province
Located in the Doñana Environment Nature Reserve, the Parador rises up facing the ocean and next to the spacious Mazagón beach, in the middle of a pine wood. An ideal spot to enjoy nature and the blue waters of the Atlantic. The building has a splendid garden with outdoor and heated pools, a gym, sauna and Jacuzzi among other features. The interior is characterized by pleasant and welcoming rooms with decorative details which bring joy and brightness. Cozy bedrooms with terraces and beautiful panoramic views, comfortable living rooms and a splendid swimming pool complete its facilities. The culinary display brings together products from the sea and the mountains. The privileged environment of the Parador allows to offer you both sea and mountain products. Shrimps, prawns and other seafood as well as cured ham of jabugo, cured pork meat, and patés. 
Parador of Jaén, Jaén
The privileged location of the Parador on Santa Catalina Hill offers it the character of defensive bastion of the Jaén horizon. Origin and destination to discover the charm of the Andalusian Renaissance, the hotel has a refreshing swimming pool which, along with the exterior stone, offers protection from the burning sun which inundates the surroundings.  The monumental appearance is maintained on the inside, where the impressive 20 m. high crossed arches of the main living room, the dining room, with a marked Arabic character, and the comfortable and friendly bedrooms with magnificent panoramic views stand out. The ensemble, decorated in soft shades, is complemented by a varied gastronomic display: 'ajo blanco' (cold garlic and almond soup), partridge salad, 'pipirrana' (tomato and cucumber salad) Jaén-style spinach (with egg).
Jaén - Cazorla
Parador of Cazorla, Cazorla, Jaén
The Parador is located In the heart of the Cazorla Nature Reserve, in the spot known as Sacejo. Its height offers it unsurpassable panoramic views of the surroundings, in which hillsides covered with pine trees native to these mountains abound. The atmosphere of tranquility and beauty of enclaves like the Cañada de las Fuentes, or the 'Salto de Linarejos', makes it a meeting point for lovers of nature.  The building revives the tradition of the typical Andalusian country house, which is a distinguishing feature of the exterior. Its swimming pool, with impressive views of the Nature Reserve, and the interior, with a pleasant living room with chimney, is characterized by the brightness offered by its large windows.  Game in season and Andalusian dishes such as 'gachamiga' (flour, breadcrumbs and bacon), 'pisto' (tomato-based ratatouille) and 'pipirrana' (tomato and cucumber salad) make up the gastronomic display of the restaurant. 
Jaén - Úbeda
Parador of Úbeda, Jaén Province
This Parador rises up in the most Renaissance square of the aristocratic and monumental town of Úbeda, next to some of the most beautiful buildings, in a former palace built in the 16th century and altered in the 17th, which belonged to the dean of the Sacred chapel of El Salvador. The façade of the Parador conceals a very beautiful inner courtyard with a double gallery whose upper part is glazed.  Its friendly and comfortable bedrooms stand out for the height of their ceilings. Worthy of note are the six which look onto the square and the suite, located in the opposite corner, from which a wide panoramic view of the Vázquez de Molina square can be enjoyed.  Andalusian details and dishes adorn the space occupied by the dining room, which offers good peppers stuffed with partridge, bull's tail in red wine from La Loma and stewed kid with pine nuts. 
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