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Travel off the beaten path in fascinating Oman

If you are looking for a Middle Eastern destination with a difference, Oman is a fascinating and welcoming country, just waiting to be explored.  While up until 1970, the country was considered to be under-developed and not really available to the outside world, both education and tourism have taken off in Oman, making it an ideal and exciting location to visit.
Muscat, Oman
Photo:  Muscat Photo: Muscat CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Amanda Wood

The Omani capital, Muscat, is a must see on any holiday in the country, with its beautiful beaches and well maintained streets with literal oases of green laws, gardens and trees dotted around the city. The city is well worth a visit to learn the heritage and customs of the friendly Omani people.  Take a tour with Corinthian Travel to find out everything Muscat has on offer.

In this article we are going to head outside the cities and go a little off the beaten path to find out more about this fascinating country.  To give a taste of what is on offer, the following is a brief introduction into one of the highlights – a traditional Omani village.

First we head through jagged canyon walls and rocky hillsides to visit a typical Omani village, Bilad Sayt. The village is not exactly easy to reach, as you first have to travel by 4x4 and eventually as you get closer to the village, your access to the village is on foot.  The country is busy improving the roads and infrastructure, but for now it’s a little rough going, but is so worth the trouble. 

Along the way, as you climb the hillsides, the surrounding views are uniquely spectacular, if a little scary as the inclines can get pretty steep.  As you arrive at Bilad Sayt, you are reminded of a typical desert oasis, with the village itself surrounded by date palms. 

Date Palms at Bilad Sayt, Oman
Photo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Charles Roffey

This is one of the main industries here and around the village can be seen a complicated maze of irrigation canals, known as “falaj,” gently trickling the water on to the thirsty palms. Villagers greet you in a friendly fashion as you explore with your guide, gazing at the mountains looming around the village.

For anyone who would like to visit this fascinating place, the village is close to the town of Al Rostaq, via Al Awabi. As the terrain is very rugged with some pretty scary descents, it is recommended that you travel with a guide. Once there enjoy the traditional Arabian coffee and other tempting offerings from the villagers.

Bilad Sayt, Oman
Photo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Charles Roffey

Other adventures await you in stunning Oman, including tours through the deserts and mountains to discover hidden forts. Cross the Wahiba Sands from the North to the South of the country.

Take a tour on one of Oman’s prettiest trails while enjoying a walk through the villages of Jebel Akhdar or go for an off-road drive in Wadi Bani Awf and Wadi Arbaeen.  Adventure, history and culture are the name of the game as you explore lovely Oman and you are sure to return for more.

Desert Drive, Oman
Photo: Desert drive CC BY 2.0 Luca Neboloni

Oman Travel Guide - Home