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The History of Las Vegas   by Jack Landry
Traveling to Las Vegas   by Judson Hurst

Las Vegas Featured Hotels

Traveling to Las Vegas   by Judson Hurst

Millions of people go to Las Vegas every year, and by many means of travel. The most common way of traveling to Nevada is by car, but there are also many other fun ways to travel. One may take a party bus and enjoy a few drinks on the way and enjoy the sights, or you could also take a flight there which, if traveling from California takes around an hour or less.

If you are traveling by car, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as once you get out of Bakersfield, there are few to no stops between towns. I personally find the drive very enjoyable though on occasion it may seem never ending at times. There are a number of fun stops on the way including a town called baker, home of the worlds tallest thermometer and State Line, a gambling town just on the state line between California and Nevada. I find that State Line is almost as fun as going to the big city!

If traveling by plane, be prepared for a very short flight. Though a fun flight, you may not have time to enjoy it fully. You most likely have time to sit, have a drink, read a couple magazine articles, or take a short nap, and the next thing you know you are staring at the strip in anticipation of landing. I do enjoy the flight, but it is very short. If you just want to participate in a day trip to the city of sin, I would suggest flying there.

Another way of travel is a party bus. I find this the most enjoyable mean of travel to Nevada. You meet some very interesting people on your way and it is usually a very warm atmosphere. The bus usually stops at a couple of tourist locations, and drinks are normally served on the bus which makes for an even more enjoyable ride. Another plus to taking the bus is that you don't have to drive there, so you can just sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch the sights.

Once you get there, I suggest immediately booking a stay at a hotel or getting a room at your favorite casino because it is always nice to have a place to relax and rest before having a long night. Normally, it is very quiet during the day, as most of the entertainment starts at 7 or 8 so you can go sightseeing during the day, visit a few of the famous places, and maybe even gamble a little. and as soon as the evening rolls around, go enjoy a nice dinner and show at one of the many amazing casinos located on and off the strip. After a show is usually when the casinos start to light up and one gets to see the exciting part of Nevada. I would say that a trip to Vegas is a very good vacation to take and at any point and time there is usually an event or some sort of show going on.

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About the Author - To learn about ficus repens and ficus retusa bonsai, visit the Ficus Plant website.
The History of Las Vegas   by Jack Landry

Las Vegas Featured Hotels  /  top

Over the years Las Vegas has become infamous for its casinos, dramatic shows and exciting nightlife. Not many people have given thought to how Vegas came to be what it is now.

If you have ever driven to the city, you know that it is surrounded by a whole lot of nothing. The desert is vast, the tumbleweeds are many and the population is close to zero.

Then, out of nowhere, Las Vegas comes into sight. The huge city is located in the middle of a wasteland. It seems odd that a city with such a booming economic structure and with so many people could be in the middle of nowhere.

This Nevadan city has a rich and long history. Understanding the history of this city will help you understand how it came to be what it is now.

The valley in which Las Vegas now resides was visited by Native Americans as long as 10,000 years ago. We know that these people traveled and camped throughout the valley because they left petroglyphs telling us a little about their history.

As many as two thousand years ago the Anasazi Indians lived along the banks of the Virgin Rivers. To the northwest of Las Vegas, the city of Overton still celebrates the culture of the Anasazi Indians by proudly preserving the artifacts that have been found.

The first European to find the valley was named Rafael Rivera. He described the valley to have a plentiful supply of water and wild grasses. In 1829 Rivera gave the city the name Las Vegas, meaning "The Meadows" in Spanish.

It was not until 1844 when John C. Fremont wrote in his journal about two springs of water he found in the area that the area began to be popular. The writings of the springs lured a lot of people to the valley.

About ten years later the members of the Mormon Church that were traveling between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles built a fort in Las Vegas as a halfway point. Although the fort was abandoned only a few years later, the remnants of the fort can still be seen at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

In 1864 Nevada became the 36th state in the United States of America after being admitted to the Union. Only a few years after becoming a state, the discovery of precious metals created a mining industry in the state.

The land in Vegas went up for sale after the State Land Act of 1885 for $1.25 per acre. Farmers bought up the land and agriculture dominated the economy and industrial sphere of the city for the next twenty years.

In the early 1900's the city was connected to Southern California by railway. The city was a prime stopping point because there was water readily available.

Las Vegas became a city in 1905 on May 15th. The city consisted of 110 acres of land.

Clark County was created by the Nevada political leaders in 1909. Las Vegas, having previously been a part of Lincoln County, then became a part of Clark County.

In 1911 the divorce laws in Las Vegas were much more liberal than the rest of the country. After only six weeks of living in "the city that never sleeps" residents were able to utilize the quicker divorces that the state permitted.

Many people would travel to this city and stay for the minimum amount of time to get a divorce. These people usually stayed in the "dude ranches" which eventually evolved into the Strip hotels.

In 1930 the population of The city was only 5,165. Only a year after this count the construction of the Hoover Dam brought many construction workers to Las Vegas, giving the city a much needed economical boost.

In 1931 gambling in Vegas was legalized by the state. It was not until 1945 however that the entertainment and tourism industry grew to be the largest employer in the city with the formation of glamorous resort hotels and gambling casinos.

The city of Las Vegas continued to grow and mold itself into what it is now. From a simple place to stop and get water to a city with a booming economy, the city has certainly grown.

Las Vegas is a great place to be. There is always something to do, someone to see and places to go.

Offering a wide variety of shows and entertainment Las Vegas can be explored by families or by those that are out to find some adventure on his own.

Las Vegas Featured Hotels  /  top

About the Author - Jack R. Landry is a resident of Las Vegas and has written hundreds of articles relating to tourism and Las Vegas property management. He has been involved in local travel and tourism for over 20 years.

Contact Info: Jack R. Landry

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Aladdin Resort and Casino Las Vegas  ****
Opened in August 2000, the Aladdin is the newest mega-resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It replaces the original Aladdin which was imploded in 1998. Whereas the old Aladdin was lost in the crowd, the new property is intended to compete with the stars. It features a 100,000 square foot casino, a large shopping complex, and 2,600 guest rooms.
Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino Las Vegas  **
Conveniently located within walking distance to numerous casinos, Caesar's Forum shops and Las Vegas' newest attractions. It is only 2.5 miles from McCarren International Airport and the Convention Center. The Bourbon Street Hotel also offers a variety of entertainment in the way of Cabaret.
Four Queens Casino & Hotel Las Vegas  **1/2
The Four Queens (named for the owner's four daughters) has evolved over the decades into a major Downtown property occupying an entire city block.  The Queen-sized casino offers the very best in gaming excitement.
Golden Nugget Hotel Las Vegas  ****
The Golden Nugget has been the treasure of Fremont Street for more than 50 years. It has seen Fremont turn from a barely-paved road to one of the most photographed thoroughfares in the world, and finally to its newest incarnation, the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall. 
Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas  ***
Centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino runs with a fairly distinguished crowd. Caesar's Palace is across the street. The Flamingo Hilton and Harrah's flank the hotel on either side. "Legends In Concert" and the Imperial Palace Auto Collection have been drawing visitors by the thousands for well over a decade, and their popularity remains strong. 
Key Largo Casino & Hotel Las Vegas  **
A little bit of paradise and only 3/4 mile from the Las Vegas Strip. The Quality Inn Key Largo Casino is located "in the heart of restaurant row" and one mile from the Convention Centre. The hotel offers 314 guestrooms with modern facilities, offering gracious and comfortable accommodation.
Riviera Hotel & Casino Las Vegas  ***
The Riviera is one of the brilliant stars of Las Vegas Boulevard, known around the world as "The Strip." Its brilliant night time display will add that distinctive touch of Vegas glamour to your next event. 
Rodeway Inn and Suites Las Vegas  **
Rodeway Inn and Suites is just steps away from the exciting "Strip" hotels and casinos in fabulous Las Vegas. It comprises two story buildings with 262 tastefully decorated rooms and suites.
Stardust Resort Las Vegas  ***
The Stardust tower, a graceful and majestic 32-story monolith, is the newest and most spectacular landmark on the strip. A beautiful and versatile 62-acre vacation paradise, the Stardust is conveniently situated within walking distance of other major hotel-casinos and is only a ten-minute cab ride from McCarran International Airport. 
Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower Las Vegas  **
Centrally located, the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower is at the top of the Las Vegas Strip and the closest Strip property to Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. The Stratosphere is just 1.3 miles from the Las Vegas Convention Centre. 
Tropicana Resort & Casino Las Vegas  ***
Located near the Tropicana Convention Facilities and the five-acre tropical gardens and pool area. It is connected to the main casino by an enclosed walkway lined with specialty boutiques. The 22-story Paradise Tower is just off the casino floor and features views of the Las Vegas Strip.
Venetian Resort and Casino Las Vegas  *****
The very soul of Venice lives and breathes at the Venetian, Sheldon Adelson's breathtaking mega-resort. Combining the latest technology, truly mammoth scale and the venerable art and culture of the European jewel, the Venetian's take on Venice is a must see. A detailed, exquisite fresco covers the arched ceiling leading from registration into the casino, promising great things. 

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Celebrity Resorts - Reno  ****
Glittering nightlife, famous casinos and a short drive to Lake Tahoe add up to make Celebrity Resorts Reno an exceptional urban retreat. If one prefers the great outdoors, then just minutes drive will take to Lake Tahoe, which offers superb boating and water-skiing in summer...
Eldorado Hotel Casino  ****
The Eldorado Reno Hotel Casino, Reno Nevada is the most exciting hotel for great entertainment, dining, and casino fun! Named "Best of 2002" by Reno News and Review and "Reno's Best Rooms and Suites" by Casino Player Magazine. 
Rodeway Inn Reno **
Rodeway Inn Reno is located very close to Reno Hilton, Reno Tahoe international airport and only a few minutes drive from Downtown. 

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