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Learning English as a second language is handy for travelling

As the world grows figuratively smaller, and more and more people connect on the Internet, it is becoming ever more important for people to learn English. While not actually the global language, as such, businesswise and travel wise, it just makes so much sense to be able to communicate in English as it becomes an official international language.

As their global reach expands, businesses and companies are finding it essential to now employ people who can speak English, either as a first or a second language. Many language schools are being opened all over the world and there are also websites on the Internet, set up to teach many languages including English. While learning online is fun, it is usually better to physically attend classes, such as those offered by the ABC School of English in London.
Of course, there’s no harm is brushing up on your skills while surfing the Internet and making new friends on the various social media websites. 

This can be a whole load of fun, especially when “meeting” people from all over the world and finding out about their culture, what they have been doing that day and about their lives in general.

Using the Internet and various books on learning English, you can pick up a strong vocabulary, which is, of course, the most important base in learning any language. 

As you pick up hundreds of words, you can begin to understand more and more of what others are saying to you – you can get the “gist” so to speak – and from there you can continue to build sentences and start to communicate with others.

English class
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Each day, build on this vocabulary, add words to your basic knowledge, attend your classes and you will be amazed at how quickly it all starts to come together.  There are no instant solutions, like you see in the science fiction movies, where an alien places something around your neck and “beep beep” you understand every word!  However, with patience and effort, your knowledge of the English language will grow. Make sure you practice on a daily basis, no matter how busy your life is at the time. Don’t worry if you make mistakes at first, this is all part of the learning curve and will help you in your quest.

Besides your actual English lessons and the wonders of the Internet, there are several ways to brush up on your skills. 
When learning any foreign language, it is invaluable to tune in to television news broadcasts in that language, watching the action portrayed in the broadcasts, and putting it together with what the anchor is saying at that time. Hire DVDs of movies in the English language and take particular note of the sub-titles provided in your home language. This can be a fun, educational, and also entertaining way to pick up the language. 

Buy relatively simple English language books and take the time to slowly read them, dictionary or phrase book in hand for those difficult words.  There are also several Google Play apps available for your phone in the way of a phrasebook or language assistance.

Eventually you will find yourself conversing comfortably with other English speaking people all over the world, making travel, business and life a pleasure and the opportunity to make new friends invaluable.


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