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American Express Travel Gives Jamaica A Top Destination Rating   by Virginia Morgan

American Express Travel says Jamaica has always been a very popular destination for romantic travel including honeymoons and getaways for couples of all ages looking for a place to sight see and relax. In recent years, Jamaica has been growing in popularity with families and young people looking for a vacation spot that offers a little bit of everything for all to enjoy.

Few people planning their vacation realize Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean says American Express Travel. It stretches 145 miles from east to west with a range of mountains running almost entirely the length of the island and rising to over 7,400 ft. in the east, at their highest point.

Boston Beach, Port Antonio, Jamaica, West Indies, Central America
Boston Beach, Port Antonio, Jamaica, West Indies, Central America
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But why has Jamaica remained such a popular destination and why does it continue to attract tourists in increasing numbers? Jamaica has morphed into a tourist-motivated destination, offering many excellent hotels, inns and guests houses. There are several airports, highways and ports from which travelers can gain full access to all of Jamaica's points of interest. Jamaica offers several all-inclusive resorts, such as Sandals and Couples chains. The most popular destinations in Jamaica, where Sandals and Couples have resorts, are Port Antonio and Ocio Rios in the east and Montego Bay and Negril in the west. These resorts manage to capture the natural beauty and wonder of the island while at the same time being some of the most luxurious accommodations on the island.

The independent hotels are equally spectacular, from old colonial classics, modern hideaways and grand villas. The local residents with their vibrant culture add even more flavor to the already rich experience that is Jamaica. The more the vacationing sector develops, the more Jamaica is becoming an economy built on tourism. And that means that the Jamaican people want tourists to come and enjoy themselves. Jamaica is also the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean.

AMT American Express Travel states that the island's laid-back pace of life adds to the feeling of relaxation, which is key for most vacationers. Jamaica is also designated as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, offering eye candy for all those who visit. The island's beaches full of secluded coves that many vacationers find very interesting to explore.

Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio, Jamaica, West Indies, Central America
Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio, Jamaica, West Indies, Central America
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The vegetation is a mixture of luxuriant tropical forest and lush coffee plantations, offering visitors a chance to see the production of one of the most universally consumed beverages in the world. Jamaica is lush with every aspect of a tropical paradise, including the weather. Jamaica has over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, even during the wet seasons. Daytime temperatures are fairly constant year-round and lower in mountain areas. Heat and humidity can be felt during all times of the year and the warmest months are from July to October, especially on the coast. The region is prone to hurricanes from July to October. Although a direct hit on Jamaica is rare, if you are unfortunate enough to be there when a hurricane passes within a few hundred miles, there can be a lot of rain.

Jamaica vacations are moderately priced. You can find price extremes in both directions when it comes to travel and accommodations, although most airfare will run pretty high.

American Express Travel says prices are usually higher in tourist areas like Negril and Ocho Rios. Shops in "tourist traps" usually have higher prices than native shops and you'll usually see the same items at both locations. There are accommodations and restaurants that are cheap, but you'll get what you pay for. The luxury resorts are a very good value because the rates are reasonable for the high-end accommodations you receive.


About the Author - Virginia Morgan is a travel writer and frequent contributor to AMT American Express Travel, a premier Internet resource for American Express Vacations . Serving customers online since 1996.
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The Castle In Jamaica The Castle in Jamaica, Port Antonio, Jamaica
Located on a beautiful peninsula in Jamaica, Trident Castle is breathtaking. Here you will find 40,000 square feet of luxury with panoramic ocean views, helicopter pad, 30'x55' private pool, eight servants, and more. Trident Castle can hold up to 16 guests, but we can also accommodate larger parties for  weddings and meetings at the Castle and Trident villas.  One of the largest and most glamorous homes in the Caribbean, Trident Castle sits on 17 seaside acres. Inside are eight bedrooms and eight private baths. Additional guest rooms are available in the nearby Trident Hotel which is only a 13 minute walk from the Castle. Also inside are a library, music room, bar and ballroom.
San Cove Villa San Cove Villa, San San Estate, Port Antonio
SAN COVE VILLA is a stunning cottage located in Jamaica's most beautiful & peaceful paradise, San San estate, Port Antonio.  Dreamy views from SAN COVE are definitively  what one's ideal dreams of utopia would be, not to mention bathing in its gin clear multi-colored calm waters, snorkeling or boating to pristine 'Princess Isle'  (formally owned by the Princess Nina Aga Kahn), perhaps this is why the Jamaica tourist board has often featured this area and view. The secret GOD blessed Eden for the World's rich and famous for over fifty years and hosted in numerous Hollywood films many you are sure to have seen... Accommodates 6 maximum.
Pool by Night Chateau en Exotica, San San Estate, Port Antonio
Whether a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or a special vacation choice, we believe that this special time should be spent at a location which offers you most, if not all, of the special things you enjoy seeing and doing. We offer this to every guest at all times. You have many vacation choices, select carefully It is said, 'The proof is in the pudding." So, for the vacation of your lifetime choose Chateau en Exotica, you will be glad you did. Those who know have found that the Chateau en Exotica is truly a fabulous dreamy Eden which is a secure gem and totally private paradise bubbling with numerous and delightful amenities in Port Antonio's crown of beauty.
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