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Pont Du Diable (Devil's Bridge), Borgo a Mozzano, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
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Italy Travel Guide
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Tuscany Travel Guide:

Lucca Hotels
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Italy Travel Guide

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Discover Tuscany: A Day Trip In Lucca   by Maria Luce Cardelli

Lucca Hotels

One of the ancient treasures that have a permanent place in Tuscany is Lucca and it's so for a number of reasons. First, it is known to be a town that is surrounded by walls and this makes it possess great historical relevance to both Tuscany and Italy's cultural heritage. These town's walls are well preserved with so much care and national pride because they form a major factor which draws tourists and visitors from far and wide.  The second reason that makes tourists keep thronging to the tourist town of Lucca is the fact that some of the city's best beaches are just within strolling distance so that one does not have to spend a cent to get costless fun.

Thirdly, the affordability of a Lucca vacation makes it all the more an exciting adventure worth looking forward to. It is also for this reason that travel agents and companies do all their best to make sure that anyone who comes calling does not return without a souvenir or sweet story. Welcome to the Italy's vacation world of Tuscany en-route to Lucca.
When planning for your trip to Lucca, you really don't have to make a huge budget although this depends on where you are traveling from i.e. your take-off point otherwise Lucca is quite cheap for a holiday getaway. Tuscany is certainly one commercial hotspot where various tourism companies are striving to make their impact felt. This is more so for those agencies that are based in Tuscany with the growing number of visitors finding their way into the city to grab their share of the hyped Italian holiday offers. Most travel packages sold within and outside the town of Lucca are those that include irresistible features like cheap hotel accommodation in villas, hotels, apartments, excursions, city-wide tours, meals i.e. food and drinks, car rental services, and so on. The high number of villas and farmhouses in the bubbly town all promise nothing less than an endless streak of exhilarating experiences throughout one's stay.
Castiglione Di Garfagnana, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
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Other tourist and travel activities that can be engaged in full time are hot-air ballooning, biking, hiking, small shops for day or night shopping, cuisine or wine tasting and fun-filled sightseeing activities in the town's numerous museums. To enjoy your Lucca trip to the fullest, do ensure that your travel plans or itinerary are properly spelt out. 

Embarking on this trip after a careful research will help you make the best choices of hotels accommodation, dining, feeding, purchases, etc. This research is very necessary for the success of your holiday vacation. The internet is a great source for the booking of your plane or train tickets as soon as you make up your mind to visit the fun land called Lucca.   Once you get there, you can then proceed to visit the thrilling regions of your most appealing destinations, making reservations, and a host of others. These tips and many more will certainly assist in guaranteeing superb Tuscany vacation experiences.
Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
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All one needs to do is to make sure that there are sufficient savings that have been put aside for your Lucca trip before you can talk to the travel agents. There is really no mystery about visiting these chic Italian destinations for your vacations. You can visit Lucca or Tuscany just to enjoy the best of their wine, landscapes, beautiful hilltops, land surface and the vineyard to mention but a few. 

Tuscany offers something completely different from vacationers' usual expectations when unwinding. Visiting and holidaying in Tuscany is something every vacationer would want to experience. The city of Lucca in the Tuscany region is yet another wonderful attraction to explore because of is fame for Gothic features, Renaissance buildings, museums, art galleries and parks.

Lucca is part and parcel of Tuscany; the abode of the admirable Romanesque Architecture which is always on display and can be seen from all over the town. The San Michele and San Martino cathedrals are just two very good examples of the Romanesque architecture that should be on any traveler's itinerary to Lucca. The geographical position of Lucca also favors the town so much in terms of its sizeable tourism potential. Lucca can be found close to the Serchio River; about 80km from Florence and 30km from Pisa. The town of Lucca itself dwells upon a plateau with the Apuane Alps watching over it. The medieval walls which characterize the town are thick and strong. These walls were originally built in the 16th century but they still stand till today; thus surrounding the entire town. As part of a walking tour, one can take a stroll along or on top of the walls. This way of exercise alone offers a very good opportunity to see many hidden sight-stops. However, if this will be so much stressful to you, how about going for a biking or walking outing to visit the must-see sights so as to enjoy an enriching travel or holiday experience to Lucca?


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