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Town View with Castello Ruffo, Scilla, Calabria, Italy
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Calabria Travel Guide:

Italy Travel Guide
I Love Italian Wine and Food - The Calabria Region
The Calabrian Region of Italy
Calabria Seaside Featured Hotels

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The Calabrian Region of Italy   by Tristan von Herschberg

Calabria Seaside Hotels

Calabria is a region of Italy, much like our own Counties. It is situated right at the end of the "˜toe", nestled between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas. The Straight of Messina separates the region from Sicily. The famous city of Scylla is located on this coast, facing what was known in Homer's Odyssey as Charybdis.

As you may imagine, Calabria has a wealth of history. First settled by tribes, it was then inhabited by Greeks before being conquered by the Roman Empire.

With the downfall of the Romans, the region fell on hard times, becoming a borderland between the Byzantines and the Arabs of Sicily. Malaria and poverty meant that the area remained isolated and rural for hundreds of years, one of the poorest regions of Europe until very recently.

Agriculture is still the main aspect of the Calabrian economy, along with tourism. Don't be put off however; although the region is still poorer than much of the rest of Italy it is a stunning area to visit and full of culture. The history of the region is apparent everywhere, from ancient fortresses and churches to cities built on hills and pockets of ancient languages that still survive.
The main tourist attraction of Calabria however is the coast and mountains. Unlike many other areas of Italy, development hasn't yet taken place and the region is unspoilt. There are many water sport activities on offer and most places have reasonable accommodation. The sea is as clear as you would expect in the Mediterranean, and the coastal city of Reggio Calabria is a large draw.

Reggio Calabria, the largest and oldest city in the region, has over the years been inhabited by Romans, Greeks, Byzantines and Normans, and traces of them all are still visible. Unfortunately, Calabria is subject to earthquakes, and was rebuilt in 1908 after much of the town was destroyed. The centre therefore is modern and urban, built to a grid plan. 

Villa d'Calabria
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The National Museum can be found here, and with its wealth of Magna Grecian artefacts is well worth a visit. These include two bronze "warrior" statues which were recovered from the sea in 1972 and are considered fine examples of Greek sculpture.

There are many other towns in the region with their own churches, castles and archaeological sites that make pleasant day trips, and of course the miles of spotless beaches. Calabrian locals are particularly friendly and the cuisine is, like in the rest of Italy, excellent. Calabrian food is particularly varied - the region was once the breadbasket of Rome - and dishes are often spicy.

Because of the climate, history, pace of life and of course the prices, many people are considering Calabria as the location of a second or holiday home. To get away from it all and enjoy stunning scenery in a cultured country, the region is perfect. Calabria property is increasingly available, and with direct flights expected to increase before long, the value of an investment here can only go up. Still undiscovered by most, it's the perfect time to visit the region and take advantage of this hidden treasure.

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About the Author - Tristan enjoys travel and art, and combines these interests with frequent trips to Italy at


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