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Sunset Over Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
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Kona State Beach, Island of Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii, USA
Kona State Beach, Island of Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii, USA
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Whale Watching In Hawaii    by July Somma

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whale-study is extremely a memorable experience. In this paragraph, we will focus on whale scrutiny off the island of Maui. Whale-scrutiny spice starts as early as November, but the biggest number of whales move through Hawaii waters from mid December to mid-April. Each year during this time, about 1,500 to 2,000 humpback whales migrate south from their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic. Scientists costing that this 3,000 mile swimming jaunt takes them from 80 to 100 years. 
The whales appear to help the mediator bays and spacious store areas between the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai. With their colossal heads and two swipe-holes, they can regularly be seen cavorting in the welcoming waters, breaching and slapping the emerge of the water. Here they mate, or generate their "calves" conceived the before frost.

A mature humpback whale is about 45 feet in lenth and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Their calves weigh around 3,000 pounds at birth and nourish off their mother's high-fat milk for six to eight months, consuming 100 to 130 gallons per day.

Strangely enough, the adult whales do not eat while in Hawaii, since they are "serial" feeders. However, when the revenue to their Arctic territory an ordinary humpback whale will consume 4,500 to 5,000 pounds of plankton, krill (small, shrimp-like creatures), and fish per day!

Humpback Whales, Hawaii
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On Maui, the opportunities for whale scrutiny from land are large. A good vantage headland for since whales from land is mainly some place you get a pretty wide ocean scrutiny. McGregor Point, at mile marker 9, as you supervise from Maalaea, about Lahaina, is a well-known whale study place. Continuing toward Lahaina, whales can also be seen off the Olowalu Reef--between McGregor Point and the city of Olowalu.
Humpback Whales, Hawaii
Humpback Whales, Hawaii Photographic Print
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When you skull south on the Wailea coast, the Outrigger Wailea Resort provides another brilliant viewing location, with a telescope installed by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. South from Wailea, Puu Olai overlooking Makeena Beach is considered Maui's best location for whale-scrutiny.

Whale study requires patience. Scan the horizon for a cloud of spewing water that rises from 10 to 20 feet above the ocean's seeming. Watch for a good half-hour or so; whales ought to breath every 7 to 20 minutes, and their spray basically water breath that they exhale from their thump burrow. So once you locate that tell-tale spray of water, focus your eyes on the vicinity for another one. Here binoculars are especially helpful.

Nevertheless the best way to see humpback whales is out in their district--and you can book a whale-scrutiny cruise for that. Maui is the home of the Pacific Whale Foundation. A nonprofit whale inquiries organization, it wires its study by donation whale-watching tours.

In addition, almost every snorkel and dive vessel in the area becomes a whale-watching vessel in coldness. Maui whaled-watching tours renounce Lahaina and Maalaea harbors daily during the frost months. Besides humpbacks, sperm whales, pilot whales, pygmy killer whales, hooked whales, melon-headed whales and "erroneous" killer whales can often be seen there. You can also incident the whales on a rafting expedition. These excursions also bequeath daily from Lahaina port.
The whale may play a little ready with you -- he will poke his supervise just above the water's rise to "scope out the scene." That kind of deeds is actually called a "spy hop," sensation it's his way of viewing off (if he feels so prone). 

He'll then leap completely out of the water. If he's only in the mood to switch nods, he'll bang his tail or wave his part fins at you -- that's the humpback whale's way of maxim "Hi!"

Whales communicate underwater through mysterious "songs," forming a perplexing chain of sounds. Most whale-watching charters on Maui have a hydrophone on plank, which will allow you to hear and have the obsession sounds of these superb creatures.

Humpback Whales, Hawaii
Humpback Whales, Hawaii Photographic Print
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Remember the Marine Mammals secluded that humpback whales Protection Act, and you may come no closer than 100 yards. Even at that detach you will sense the dominance and beauty of these creatures, and you will come away with memories of the days.

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About the Author - Visit the  website to learn about whale size and finback whale.


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