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Gap Year Memories

Fort Jaisalmer, RajasthanYou’ll rarely ever have the freedom and free time available to you as you will whilst been a student, which is why so many people take that time of their life to enjoy travelling the world gaining unforgettable experiences in the process. Gap year students are a great aid to world tourism, even though they travel on a slim budget.

Perhaps the only tough part of taking a gap year and travelling the world is picking exactly where to go. Many people prefer heading through Asia exploring from India to China and stopping by in every country in between on the way, but the whole world is accessible these days.

If you are unable to plan your own adventure with the endless options acting as more of a hindrance than an aid to your choice, then consider combining your travel along with a worthy cause. Many students, among others, choose to take part in volunteering services which send people to various countries worldwide to contribute their skills to help the less fortunate. This could mean teaching English to locals in villages throughout Thailand or help building homes and hospitals in Africa.

Adult Male Kudu with Impala at Pump Pan Waterhole, Chobe National Park, BotswanaThrough helping others you are able to enjoy heading to places you may not have considered at first, but this doesn’t mean that you are heading to derelict areas. Some of the world’s major cities have areas that are in need of aid and renovation and this could be your chance to take part. 

Volunteering in Africa, for example, will allow you to visit some of the most fascinating places on Earth, plus the weather isn’t too bad either!

If a gap year is your next port of call after long years spent studying then there hasn’t been a better time to consider it. With so many organisations looking to send volunteers out to exotic nations helping locals, it makes planning unforgettable memories easy.


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Latest update:  May 8, 2013