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Have fun in the sun at PortAventura Spain

For anyone planning a fun-filled holiday in Spain this year and looking for some action, PortAventura in Salou on the Costa Dorada just south of Barcelona, is a must. Port Aventura attracts around 4 million visitors every year and is, in fact, the most-visited theme park in Spain and the 6th most-visited in all of Europe. The theme park was started in combination with a Spanish company and Busch Entertainment Corporation, famous for SeaWorld and other popular theme parks in the U.S.A.
PortAventura - photo in the public domain

One really great aspect when visiting Portaventura water park is the ability to buy tickets to the various attractions online prior to arriving in Spain, which not only offers convenience but also saves some valuable money. To whet your appetite, the following is a brief introduction into the various fun attractions on offer at PortAventura.

PortAventura China

For a Asian experience visit the relatively new PortAventura China, which offers a great gastronomic experience as well as the Angkor Adventure in the Lost Kingdom ride. Among other rides, have a thrilling experience on the China Dragon Khan roller coaster while you are there.

China Dragon Khan
Photo: China Dragon Khan CC BY 2.0  Joao Maximo

PortAventura Far West

If you are a fan of cowboys and Indians and the whole Wild West experience, Far West is the place to be to enjoy live adventures.  Among the several attractions on offer, the kids can have great fun riding “Los Potrillos,” lovely Mexican ponies, while their parents can explore all the other fun aspects of this area of the theme park in true American style.

Far West
Photo: Far West CC BY 2.0 Fernando Butcher

PortAventura Mediterrània

Mediterrània is set up like a typical Mediterranean fishing village, offering several exciting rides, along with restaurants and a great shopping experience.  For parents wishing to relax a bit while their older kids “do” the other attractions, this is an ideal location to catch your breath. 

On the other hand, if you want to generate a little adrenaline, the main attraction in this area of the theme park is the Furius Baco, which ends in a horizontal catapult which sends you from 0 to 135 km/h in only three seconds!

Furius Baco
Photo: Furius Baco CC BY 2.0 Gabriel Villena Fernández

PortAventura México

Next we are off to exciting Mexico, created in the form of colonial Mexico and including its very own Mayan pyramid. There are many other great attractions here as well as restaurants, fun entertainment and shops to choose from.

Photo: PortAventuraMexico CC BY-NC 2.0 Carlos Jiménez

PortAventura Polynesia

For a more exotic experience, enter Polynesia, with its jungle of palm trees, rivers and shrubs.  Here you will find the Tutuki Splash and the Sea Odyssey.  There is also an excellent restaurant serving Polynesian-styled food and even a gift shop selling genuine items imported from Polynesia.

Photo: Polynesia CC BY-SA 2.0 Eduardo Pérez


Added in 2011, SésamoAventura, a relatively new themed area of Port Aventura, offers several fun attractions including the Magic Fish of PortAventura, where both parents and children can jump onto colourful fish and bounce around and drift on the water. Of course you get to meet all the famous Sesame Street characters along the way!

Photo: SesamoAventura CC BY-SA 3.0 Jordiferrer

All in all, PortAventura makes for a really great day out on your Spanish holiday. If staying in the surrounding area, you can enjoy the park several times during your holiday, but it is also reasonably easy to reach when staying in Barcelona as it is only a 1 hour 17 minute drive away from that exciting city.  Have fun!


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