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Festival Time in Edinburgh Scotland

Accommodation in Scotland, UK


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and the location of the 1,000 year old Edinburgh Castle, is the location of the world-class Edinburgh Festival, which is actually a collection of independent festivals that occur mid through late summer. 

Popular festivals include the Fringe Festival, Arts Festival, the International Film Festival, and so much more! 

The Edinburgh Festivals have proven to be a sounding board for both emerging talent and established performers. World-class performers such as Robin Williams, Jude Law, and Emma Thompson launched their careers in this festival city. It's also a time when famous, well established, artists visit this small Scottish town. It's common to see celebrities such as Hugh Laurie, Kate Winslet, and Sean Connery walking among the spectators. It's always exciting to see what famous celebrities will be in attendance and which fresh talents will emerge from the myriad of performers. 

Military Tattoo Performed in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Festival time in Edinburgh is a virtual melting pot of new and old, classic and contemporary, refined and edgy. The Fringe Festival kicks off in the early part of festival season. Anything goes during this festival. Conducted without the benefit of approval committees, this festival promises a weird and wonderful display of all that is cutting edge in the art world. If you're into a more refined atmosphere, this year's International Festival acts, featuring Asian cultures, will be highlighted by the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe, a Korean version of The Tempest, and a production of King Lear from Taiwan. In addition to the Asian influence, there will be home-grown acts such as the Sottish Ballet and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. This year's Film Festival includes debut films and documentaries by such artists as Alex de la Iglesia, Celine Sciamma, and Paul Fraser. Other popular festivals include the International Book Festival and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. 
New College and New Town, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Visiting Edinburgh during the festival season guarantees a culture experience of a lifetime. It's best, however, to book your stay well in advance. Accommodations vary from elegant hotels surrounding the famous Edinburgh castle, to rural retreats, and flats in New Town or the Royal Mile district. Furthermore, there is something for every budget, from five star rooms at the Glasshouse or Balmoral Hotels, to inexpensive city-center hostels, or even camping sites. Wherever you chose to stay, you will find an excellent choice of restaurants, bistros, cafes, and pubs nearby. 

In between festivals, don't miss the opportunity to take in Edinburgh's other attractions. Indulge in a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Yacht Britannia, or the Scottish Mining Museum. Shop some of the best independent retail markets in the world, enjoy hiking throughout the rich Lothian countryside, or relaxing on pristine coastal beaches. 

Explore galleries, historic architecture, and interesting museums. Of course, if you're a golfer, some of the world's most renowned links are near Edinburgh. 

Overall, Edinburgh is an exciting city to visit any time of year, but festival time offers the most dynamic example of what makes this city a great destination. If you are fortunate enough to travel to Edinburgh during festival time, prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime!


Accommodation in Scotland, UK