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Take an adventure trip to the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon
Photo: Peruvian Amazon reflections CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Mariusz Kluzniak

Feeling adventurous?  How about heading off to the Peruvian portion of the mighty Amazon, for an experience of a lifetime?

A huge area of fascinating Peru is dedicated to the Amazon, including lush tropical rainforest a vast jungle which is probably the most bio-diverse region on Earth. The Peruvian Amazon is located on the western edge of the area shared with Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador and forms part of one of the most important eco-systems on the planet.
One of the best ways of visiting this area is with the British Exploring Society, which has for some time been involved in engaging young people to develop teamwork, leadership and community in a positive way by visiting fascinating and remote locations on Earth.

In the lush forests of the Peruvian Amazon, a selection of creatures awaits, including jaguars, massive anacondas, caimans, anteaters and tapirs but there are human residents too, as many indigenous tribes continue to live in scattered communities throughout the area.  The tribes live much as they always have done and survive by fishing and hunting for their food.

While this might all sound very isolated and dangerous, down in southeastern Peru many options exist for visiting and touring the area.  There are lodges hidden in the jungle for unique accommodations, and plenty of guides with boats and small planes to take you around.

Local tribe in the Peruvian Amazon
Photo: Local tribe CC BY-ND 2.0 chany crystal
Enjoying the Amazon
One great base to start off from is Puerto Maldonado, close to the forests of Madre de Dios and the huge tract of virgin rainforest which is the Parque Nacional Bahuaja-Sonene and the Reserva Nacional Tambopata located close to the border with Bolivia.

Head to Cusco where it is possible to visit the Manu Biosphere Reserve and National Park which nestles among the cloud forest on the Andes slopes, right down to the lowland area. 

Take a bus trip to Quillabamba, located on the Rio Urubamba where it is possible to see the whitewater rapids of the Pongo de Mainique.

A little to the north of here is the central jungle region of Chanchamayo, a paradise for birdwatchers with crystalline rivers flowing through.  The area is accessible by road, although this tends to be a hair-raising experience as the tarred roads wind through the area.

Photo: Fun with snakes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Alobos Life
Red-backed poison frog
Photo: Red backed poison frog CC BY-NC 2.0  Pierre Pouliquin
For true adventure, head to the city of Iquitos, an area with only riverboat and plane connections to the outside world. In the area experience the massive Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria, a rarely visited, fascinating and unspoiled wildlife haven which can be visited on a 3- to 4-day boat trip through the jungle.

Many more fascinating adventures await you in the Peruvian Amazon, including jungle night strolls, ethnobotanical walks, boating, trail hikes and eco-tourism lectures.  Learn more about our planet and the importance of the remaining rainforests on Earth and become a champion for what have been dubbed the "lungs of the Earth."

If you are ready for a fascinating tour of one of the most diverse eco-systems on Earth, pack that backpack and head to the Peruvian Amazon, for the adventure of a lifetime.

Scene in Iquitos
Photo: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Alobos Life
Photo: Jaguar CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Joseph King


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