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The benefits of accumulating Cruise Miles towards your next holiday

by Anne Sewell - February 25, 2015
Cruise ship
Photo CC BY 2.0 by  Thomas Quine

Everyone knows about air miles and how beneficial they can be when accumulated, giving access to free flights and other benefits, but did you know there is a similar scheme for those who prefer to take the more leisurely cruise option, rather than the superfast, but often stressful air travel? For those who prefer to make the journey a major part of the actual holiday, this new option is really great.

I only recently found out about Cruise Miles and am really excited about the whole idea.  If you havenít previously heard about them, you might ask, what are the benefits of Cruise Miles? I have put together a summary below to briefly explain the programme and how you can both accumulate the miles and then benefit from them.

Basically, for those who love to go cruising, the Cruise Miles rewards programme is available from Reader Offers Limited, an independent U.K. cruise specialist.  Just by registering with the programme, you immediately gain one thousand Cruise Miles, perfect to tuck away towards that future Caribbean, European or around the world cruise!
From that point onwards you will automatically receive credit for every pound you spend on your cruise holidays. In case you are wondering, the actual value works out to 1p per mile. Even better, you can combine these benefits with some really great promotions as part of your member loyalty benefits.

It must be borne in mind, of course, that the Cruise Miles cannot be credited to the booking on which they are actually earned, but it is nice to know is there is no minimum spend when you redeem your Cruise Miles against bookings with the companyís preferred partners.

Another great benefit is, should you choose to book another cruise while already comfortably on board and out at sea, you just need to quote the programme to receive normal benefits on that new booking too, so you never actually lose out. 

Cruise ships at sunset
Photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Robert Pratt

If you are wondering how your Cruise Miles are totting up?  No problem at all, your balance can be checked at any time, simply by logging into your account, so itís always easy to keep track.

As to the company themselves, Readers Offers Limited has a great track record.  They have reportedly won 25 cruise industry awards in the last five years alone and with their excellent value and great service, along with the added benefits of the Cruise Miles Rewards Programme, lovers of the onboard life can only benefit.  The range of cruise lines available through the programme is also impressive, including many of the best lines on offer in the world.

To put it into summary form, using this excellent programme you can:

  • Save money on your next cruise booking
  • Enjoy free cabin upgrades along the way
  • Enjoy the benefit of free chauffeur transfers in the U.K.
  • Get the benefit of free regional flights, along with flight upgrades
  • Enjoy free hotel stays along the way as well as free parking
So before heading off into the wide blue yonder, sailing the Seven Seas, the Cruise Miles Rewards Programme is a definite must.  As you relax on deck, sunning yourself and enjoying all the luxuries of the cruising life, your next cruise is already on its way.  See you on deck!



Latest update:  February 25, 2015