Sunset Cottage
Cayman Brac, British West Indies
Rent Sunset Cottage on the Beach

Sunset Cottage, our Cayman Brac vacation home, in the Cayman Islands, boasts a remarkably relaxing environment in which to escape... 

Cayman Brac, a small, relaxing island offers: SCUBA, snorkeling, rock climbing, eating, peacefulness, boating, fishing, exploring, quiet time and just plain FUN!

Sunset Cottage, located on the West End, North Side, is on the quiet side of Cayman Brac and has its very own 75 feet of sandy beach front property. 

You can SCUBA, swim and snorkel from the beach in gorgeous nationally protected marine reefs (favored by Jacques Cousteau) which are pristine and full of life and beauty. 

Both bedrooms are air conditioned but not designed to air condition the whole house so works best if doors are closed to bedrooms when using them. There are ceiling fans in the bedrooms, great room, kitchen, and the bathrooms.

A well-equipped kitchen with everything that you need to cook your meals. There are three supermarkets on the island that carry a surprisingly large number of items that one would find in the US - there just is not a lot of selection, i.e., there may be two kinds of peanut butter, not twenty! The cost of food is 20-40% higher than in the US.

Boat dives with all equipment needed available
Morning, Afternoon, Night Dives Daily

1-3 tanks per boat trip visiting gorgeous dive sites around the island, including to a sunken Russian ship wreck where the sea life has begun to take over and make it their home.

All-day boat trips to Little Cayman... just another gorgeous island to dive...

Snorkelers are welcome to come on all boat dives, too!  All information is recorded in the Guest Logs at the house

Courses Available
First-Time Instruction; OR
Refresher courses for those who have not dived in awhile.

Beach dives with transportation via truck by the dive operations, to the best beach dive sites on the island.

Other Activities:

Hike the bluff and look for the wild and protected Caymanian Parrots.

Go rock climbing on the "brac" which translates to the "bluff" - where Cayman Brac gets its name.

The brac rises to 140 feet at the eastern tip of the island which is perched precipitously over the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Rent a moped or a car and explore the far reaches of the island. 

But, there are some rules to driving on the Brac...

Make sure you keep one hand on the wheel and the other free so you can wave at everyone waving at you when they are driving towards you!

Be careful of the islander that has decided to stop right in the road, get out of the car, and maybe go visiting. Just drive around them carefully - don't worry, maximum speed is about 30 mph, elective.

STAY LEFT AND LIVE!  The rental agencies will tell you this.  Don't worry too much, the traffic gets up to about 30, maybe 40, miles per hour so there is plenty of time to get out of the way of those tourists who haven't heeded the four important words.  But remember, driving is on the left side of the road!

Relax at the Cottage and experience the ocean breezes gently blowing and the sounds of the breakers on the beach while you watch the sunset.  Watch out!  You get lulled to sleep VERY easily!!

BBQ outside on the veranda while viewing the sun setting over Little Cayman, one of the three Cayman Islands.

Sit under the stars and identify some of the constellations in the Northern Hemisphere, such as the Cassiopeia, Orion, the Northern Star, and look behind you to see some in the Southern Hemisphere, including the beautiful Southern Cross...

Burn a driftwood fire in the fire pit down on the sandy beach with the waves lapping a rhythmic tune and the cool evening breezes blowing gently.

Sleep with the doors wide open that connect to the large screened veranda and listen to the surf breaking on the beach - aaahhh, so relaxing...


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