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5 natural wonders of the Swedish world

Ecotourism holidays are growing in popularity as increasing numbers of people become aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. Unfortunately, problems caused by overcrowding at many of the most popular attractions can mean that the greatest and most popular wonders of the world suffer from the debilitating effects of hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. 

In this article, we take a different tack and look at five natural wonders of the world with a twist; for these are five wonders that are based in the beautiful country of Sweden and are not yet well known. Despite that, they offer the visitor a range of natural breaks that will allow them to remain true to their ecological principles, while enjoying a holiday in magnificent surroundings that they will remember for a lifetime. 

1. Walking and camping in Skåne, southern Sweden

If you are looking for outstanding natural parks holidays Sweden is a great place to start. The chance to leave the car behind and roam across a verdant, unspoilt landscape like Skåne is a joy to behold and the perfect destination for any happy camper. Pack a tent and head off along more than a thousand kilometres of pathways. Get back to nature learning long-forgotten bush craft skills with an experienced guide, use local companies to explore the many waterways via boat or canoe, while the Skåne wetlands are well worth a trip for nature and bird enthusiasts.

2. Skiing in Riksgränsen, northern Sweden

If you are looking for a skiing trip to remember then the world’s most northerly ski resort offers visitors a truly dazzling experience. Situated 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle, conditions are perfect for skiing until midsummer when it is possible to ski under the midnight sun. Winter skiing is not just superb, but also affords magnificent displays of the Northern Lights. With 60 summits of over 1,200 metres and outstanding accommodation within walking distance of the slopes, skiing in Riksgränsen is an experience never to forget.

3. Cycling in Gotland, southern Sweden

The region of Gotland, with its verdant flat plains means that this is the perfect place for a family to leave the car behind and climb onto a bike to explore this magnificent region in a little more detail. The region offers many outlets for bike rental and a whole range of different types of accommodation to suit every budget and don’t forget to sample the magnificent local food when out of the saddle!
Mt. Kebnekaise, Sweden's Highest Mountain, (2117M), Laponia World Heritage Site, Lappland, Sweden
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4. Hiking in Abisko National Park, northern Sweden
Once you have checked into the Abisko Touriststation (Turistation), it is time to head out into the magnificent wilderness of the Abisko National Park. A highlight of any trip is the King’s Trail (Kungsleden), 425 km of trail that starts in Nikkaluokta before heading up into Sweden’s highest mountain range, the Kebnekaise. 

Travel during the right time of the year and you can experience the midnight sun or the Northern Lights during this five-day hike. Less experienced hikers still have plenty of smaller day hikes to choose from in this vast and beautiful wilderness.

5. Canoeing around the islands of Sweden
Sweden is a country that contains over 100,000 lakes and 3,000 km of coastline and this means water-based activities are very popular, thus making canoeing a great way to explore the coastline. Boasting thousands of established canoeing routes across all of Sweden, with many opportunities to climb out of the boat and pitch camp in magnificent local surroundings: if you prefer your vacation activities on water rather than land, then Sweden is the perfect place to take a vacation.

Sweden remains undiscovered by many, however it’s a country that has long endorsed the ecological principles that are now so important and with a wealth of natural resources and an abundance of different activities, it is the perfect place for a break at any time of the year.


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Latest update:  January 23, 2012